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Free Postage

We love offering free shipping to as many places as possible around the world. But let's be real, being in the corner of the world (Australia) can sometimes make things a bit tricky.

There are some places that are just a pain to ship to, either because they're super remote or crazy expensive. So, to make things easier, we've put together a handy list to help you figure out if free shipping applies to your neck of the woods.

Cardboard box

Our provider divides the international delivery network into zones based on delivery costs and speed. Each zone has its own price point (free for you), but most important is the speed!

We provide free postage to the following zones.

  • Zone 1: New Zealand

  • Zone 2: Asia Pacific1

  • Zone 3: US & Canada

  • Zone 4: UK & Europe1#

  • Zone 5: Rest of World1

For zone information, please follow this link here

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