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Christopher Lai

Hachi Watches


+61 433 33 90 38



10 Longstaff Road

Bayswater VIC 3153

Date of Birth:

September, 1984

​The Hachi  - The Meaning

Hachi is the Japanese word for bee and the number eight..
This also refers to the eight watches we

The term "ハチ" (hachi) in Japanese can have multiple meanings, depending on the context and kanji characters used. 

  1. Bee: ハチ can refer to the insect "bee" in Japanese.

  2. Eight: When written as "八," ハチ represents the number "eight" in Japanese.

  3. Bee/Bea: In our household, refers to Beatrice, My wife and the mother to my baby girl Annabelle.
    She allows me to buy watches.

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A Bit About Me

From a young age, my fascination with watches has been a constant in my life. I still remember the joy I felt wearing my humble digital watch from the $2 store during my primary school years. Despite the limited means, my passion for timepieces only grew stronger.

As I journeyed through life, I found myself collecting watches of all kinds, developing a particular affinity for G-Shocks. Each watch became more than just an accessory; it became a part of my identity.
Dreaming of turning my love for watches into something more, I embarked on the path of starting my own small watch business. That's when Hachi Watches was born.

Hachi Watches is the culmination of my dedication and commitment to creating custom-made timepieces that embody individuality. I understand that a watch is not merely a tool for telling time but an expression of personal style and storytelling.

Every watch crafted at Hachi Watches is a labor of love. I understand the importance of a watch as a symbol of individuality and self-expression.
Each watch I craft is meticulously made, paying attention to every detail. 

Quality is of utmost importance to me. I meticulously select the finest materials, employ precise Casio movements, and test various combinations to create unique and trending styles. My goal is to create watches that not only meet the highest standards of craftsmanship but also become cherished companions for a lifetime.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Explore Hachi Watches and discover the perfect watch that resonates with your story—a timeless expression of who you are.

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